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Foreign professors and researchers

Information about pension for foreign professors and researchers with employment in Denmark as a professor or researcher in accordance with a public Danish employer and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikernes Centralorganisation).

As a part of your employment you become a member of The Pension Fund.

This means that your employer must pay a monthly contribution on your behalf. You will pay 1/3 of the total contribution, and your employer pays the remaining 2/3.

Pension scheme

Your pension automatically consists of an annuity-pension, 10-year spousal pension, disability pension and children’s pension. Read more about the pension scheme.

Upon resignation

When you resign your position in Denmark, the contribution payments to the scheme will stop. You will keep your previous disablement and death coverage together with the group insurance, if any, up to 12 months after termination of contribution through non-contributory coverage at your own expense. The expense to the non-contributory coverage will be paid by your own pension savings, which therefore will be reduced.

If you do not wish the non-contributory coverage, please inform the pension fund in writing. Your pension scheme will subsequently be changed to an inactive membership with reduced coverages.

Cash payment of withdrawal amount

As a foreign citizen you have the possibility of payment of your pension savings when you leave Denmark. Payment can take place directly after your departure from Denmark.

Upon your withdrawal we must retain a government duty of 60% of the remaining amount. The government duty must be paid, if your pension contributions have been exempted for tax when paid in.

However, if you have chosen a pension scheme under section 53A of the pension taxation act, there will not be tax duty connected to a withdrawal of your pension savings.

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